WSJF in Jira - Any ideas?

Hey everyone!
We are currently looking for a way to implement WSJF functionalities in our Jira instance, but we are struggling to find a good way to do that.
We need custom fields and something like a script to make use of the values for our PI Planning.
Does anyone have an idea?

Unfortunately, Jira doesn’t provide a way to use WSJF functionalities out of the box. It is possible to set up custom fields and make use of those values with scripts, but that may cause further issues.

We recommend Agile Hive as a dedicated SAFe tool, which includes a feature for WSJF. The values are calculated automatically and can then be used for your JQL-based filters and the sorting of issues in individual Jira boards. Also, the backlog list of Agile Hives’s Breakout Board ranks Program issues by WSJF automatically.

For more information have a look at or meet with our professionals here: Calendly - Scaling Agile Society