Will you corrupt my Gliffy diagrams after mass import to draw.io?

Can I actually keep some Gliffy diagrams or go back if I do not like the result? How safe is the conversion process from Gliffy to draw.io?

The Gliffy Mass-Importer creates copies of all Gliffy diagrams and converts them into draw.io diagrams. No diagram gets deleted and all Gliffy diagrams will still be available in the attachment of the Confluence page.

If there are only a few Gliffy diagrams that haven’t been converted the way they should, you can take a shortcut to run the mass importer again. Of course this only applies if we enhanced the mass importer after you contacted us and issued a new version of draw.io After you updated draw.io, just open the Confluence pages that contain the specific Gliffy diagrams, go to the attachment section and delete the comment converted to draw.io from the attached Gliffy diagram. After removing the comment, you can run the converter again.

Fore more general info on draw.io for Confluence or Jira, please refer to our draw.io webpage.