Why would I want a statistic about a checklist in Atlassian Confluence or Jira?

I have seen that you have started to show reports on checklists in your app. Why is that? What’s the benefit?

An interesting question that we have discussed internally as well before we released our first statistics feature for our Confluence and Jira Checklist app.

We see the following benefits:

  • Instant gratification: Seeing how you compare to your co-workers or yourself in the last completions is rewarding.
  • Insights about your progress: When you see that you’re doing something regularly, you begin to feel the routine and the reliability that is driven by that.
  • Something to brag about: If you’re consistent, that is something that you can show to others to make them follow and join in.
  • Simple way of sharing your work: If you finish a checklist, we’ll give you a text and a link that you can share with co-workers in a chat or a Jira issue in a comment.
  • Engaging page to get attention and feedback: When people look at the statistics page, they can also give constructive feedback for improvements or send a high-five to the template managers of the checklist.
  • A quote about checklists to understand that it’s not only the burden of bureaucracy. Checklists help.