Why should everyone diagram?

Why should everyone have access to draw.io and diagramming, and not just the graphic designers?

Hi Kymberly,

Great question!

Diagrams help explain things in a way that words can’t. And those things (processes, etc…) will effect everyone - not just the designers.

On the flip side, everyone has to explain something at some point in their lives and/or careers. Having access to a powerful yet easy to use diagraming tool will help everyone to explain the thing that needs explaining.

For example, I used draw.io on Confluence to explain a relationship between original orders and change requests within Salesforce.

The draw.io website has a great article that may help further make this case: Improving Business Processes with draw.io

Happy Diagramming!

Fore more general info on draw.io for Confluence or Jira, please refer to our draw.io webpage.

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