Why does the pricing for the Linchpin professional services differ between user tiers?

Hi there.
The service package for 2000 users is $50,000 and for 100 users $26,000. That is a big difference. Why is that?

Hello and thank you for your question.

Actually we tie our pricing for professional services to the user tiers just as with the licenses. The logic behind that is that we offer a guaranteed fixed price. Doing a project in a 2k employee company is way more work than doing the same project for 50 people. The smaller company needs less meetings, less organization and less communication.

If you dislike the fixed price we do offer contracts based on time and materials where you only pay for what you actually consume. Is the more interesting for you?

The guaranteed prices are definitely bound to the user tiers. But you’re not forced into buying services at all. You can use our all public documentation of the technology, installation, configuration: Create Your Own Linchpin Intranet

And even carrying out project is documented there: Components of a typical Linchpin project

If you have further questions, please let us know.

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