Why does our current intranet fail? We need more internal user adoption. How do we get usage?

We are a company with over 1,000 employees. Our old Microsoft SharePoint Intranet does not cut it? Hardly anyone wants to use it. We only see irregular news updates there. A lot of communication is somewhere else. We really need an active communication platform for our employees. How do we get our co-workers to use and adopt the portal?

The biggest challenge is, that failing intranets fail for lack of usage. An intranet is mainly a place where communication takes place. While small companies often see other products (project software like Jira or Group Chat like Slack or HipChat) help them to stay in synch, bigger companies see a strong need for top-down communications to unify the goals and target units and teams strive for.

Big companies actually have whole teams (Corporate Communications, HR, …) that try to harmonize the knowledge about where the company is heading and what it’s trying to accomplish.

Unfortunately it is very difficult to communicate with thousands of employees efficiently. Especially, if the workforce has people without desktop computers. That’s why intranets are strong in big companies and keep coming back as a topic even if one intranet after the other may fail in delivering good results.

One of the problems is, that choosing intranet software is difficult. There are tens of relevant intranet criteria and most companies fail to really test the software but stay with checkboxes in spreadsheets.

The Intranet Compass helps to better choose intranet solutions.

Our Linchpin Intranet has three main assets, that make intranets successful in companies:

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