Why do you offer your checklists app for free?

You have two checklist apps for Atlassian Cloud for Confluence and for Jira. They are free at this point. How come? Can you explain? Will this change in the future?

Yes, our checklist apps are 100% free, as in beer right now. No strings are attached, and we do not plan to change this anytime soon. In our official documentation, there’s a page about this: Why is this a free app?

At this point, we’re fully dedicated to making our checklists app the best and most helpful software it can possibly become. Your honest and direct feedback is what is of the highest value for us at this point.

Checklists for Confluence is in beta and thus a completely free app. There are no plans at this point to charge for the app. We do, however, offer “lifetime licenses” to organizations that want to make sure that they’ll never be surprised by any pricing of this app. Just contact us through the form below and talk to us.

There is a plan to offer a mailing list about our app, which we would use to give out vouchers for free use, if we should ever decide to make this app “for pay” in the future. Please contact fill out our form here, to become part of the list.