When trying out a checklist, which task, process, or workflow should I pick?

We are thinking of trying your checklists app for Atlassian Cloud. What do you recommend as process first? Which workflow in our organization should we start testing? Should it be a minor one or an important one? What do you suggest?

Checklists - Use them for the important stuff

When I first thought about use cases for our checklist app, I thought about mass routine jobs. Like cleaning a hotel room. Happens often. Can use a pretty high routine. And might have a significant impact when improved.

I have come to believe that it’s more important to focus on very important processes than mass routine stuff. (Unless fixing the cleaning of rooms is really your number one problem at this point.)

  • Management Buy-In
    If you focus on something important and pressing, it’s often easier to get buy-in from your management. Usually, every mistake is super expensive. Sometimes like in a hospital or aviation, an error can mean the death of a human. So improvements really pay a big dividend. Even if it’s only preventing a simple mistake. It can mean thousands of dollars (Euros) saved even in IT processes, marketing, sales, or finance.
  • High amount of stakeholders
    When you focus on the mass routine jobs, it’s often super hard to involve all relevant people. So adoption is an expensive endeavor. Not suitable for trying out a new app.

Or let me phrase that differently:

If you try out Checklists for Atlassian Cloud for Jira or Confluence, you should pick something that is both “important for your business” and “within the scope of your responsibilities” so that you have the influence to follow through on results.

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