What training is recommended for new Linchpin intranets?

With any new system that’s introduced, there is typically training for one or more groups of users. What training courses are recommended for a newly introduced Linchpin system and why? Who can facilitate this training?

One of our team members at //SEIBERT/MEDIA can offer a training session(s) to help a new user become more familiarized with Linchpin.

The first being basic user training. This training session will help all new users become familiarized with the new Linchpin system.

Administration training, which is recommend for IT to help them learn basic set up and also be able to modify and maintain your Linchpin Intranet.

Our train-the-trainer course, is suggested for users who have completed the basic and expert training. This course will also help prepare this user to provide ongoing support to new employees.

Optionally, a fourth training that we would recommend would be our Editor Training. If your company has a strict publication process for content on Linchpin, and ensuring that employees are following corporate guidelines then this course is recommended as well.

There are other training courses our team can help facilitate as well to transition your company into utilizing Linchpin system effectively.

Please feel free to contact us directly with any other questions!