What is the MoSCoW method and how can I use it in Jira issues?

At my office, we get so many Jira Issues that we now need to find a way to prioritize them. We’ve looked at the WSJF method, but that doesn’t quite seem to work for us. Someone told me there’s also a method called MoSCoW, but didn’t know the details about it. How does it work, and can I somehow integrate it into Jira?

Hi there!
You’re right in that WSJF is one of many ways to prioritize the work you need to do. And your colleague was right that the MoSCoW method can also do this. In short, the way it works is that you prioritize tasks solely on how important they are, regardless of how much time and effort it would take to complete them. The letters M, S, C and W then stand for:
M = Must (have)
S = Should (have)
C = Could (have)
W = Won’t (have)

What this means in practice and how you can visualize it in Jira, you can read in our blog article “The Moscow Method: Intuitively Understandable Prioritizations – Also Visible in Jira”.

Please let us know if you have any more questions!