What is Atlassian Datacenter for Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket?

I have heard a lot about Atlassian Data Center. We are a big company and reliability is important here. Everybody seems to be talking about “enterprise readiness”. What is this? How does Atlassian Datacenter play a role here? Can you help me?

Thank you for the question. I would like to explain what Data Center is and what that can do for enterprise readiness.

What is Atlassian Data Center
Atlassian Data Center is a multi-node configuration setup that allows for high availability, along with scalability. Atlassian Data Center is available for Jira Software, Confluence, Bitbucket, Jira Service Desk, and Crowd.

How does it help
With a multi-node configuration, your system can navigate users to the best node for performance at the time, thus creating a balance across your nodes to not overwhelm a node at one time. File sharing is shared across all nodes in the system thus meaning node1 would not be out-of-synch with node2. This is all done by setting up a file sharing system that would share specific information across all nodes.

This setup ensures your company is enterprise-ready because it is scalable. If your company is growing quickly, and adding more and more users who need to access the system simultaneously, you can scale up by adding another node to help support your user growth. The other side of that is you can also remove a node (scale down) if you fewer users need to simultaneously access the application.

What are the benefits
Besides what I mentioned earlier about how it helps, Atlassian Data Center does come with some additional benefits. One of the main benefits is having zero downtime for upgrades, meaning you can upgrade one node at a time and allow users to still access the system. Rather than having to block your users from using the system, they can now still get work done while you work on the upgrade.

Such high availability is another important feature for any large enterprise - your system will be available because the load balancing and staggered upgrades on the nodes .

I would encourage you to read Altlassian’s article: A Deep Dive into Atlassian Data Center to get a better feel for all Atlassian Data Center can provide.