What is Atlassian Confluence?

I constantly run into that wiki thing in our organization. What is Confluence? How do you use it and why?

What is Confluence

Confluence is Atlassian’s collaboration wiki tool. It helps teams organize, discuss and collaborate on their work. Confluence’s rich text editor allows easy creation of blogs, meeting notes, project plans, documentation, etc. With flexible deployment options (Cloud or hosted) and an intuitive design, Confluence allows for your company to collaborate in a digital workspace.

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Create rich content

Confluence is more than just text. Confluence allows you to share rich content like images, documents, and videos. The ability to have this rich content makes your work come to life. Confluence also allows for templates to be created. This allows you to quickly create documents from communication that may get lost in email or chat applications.

Organize your work

Confluence allows you to organize your project from start to finish. Templates allow you to standardize requirements and manage changes as the project evolves. Those requirements can be linked into Jira stories to make sure requirements are being followed. On release, Confluence can help track issues and technical decisions related to those issues. Confluence also allows you to reflect and improve on your process by running a retrospective, using a Confluence template.

Connect to Jira

Over half of software teams that use Jira, also use Confluence. Your issues and bugs in Jira can be linked to Confluence. When the issue is updated in Jira, Confluence will also be updated. Links help your team switch quickly between Jira issues and their related Confluence pages.