What is Agile Hive? Can we use SAFe in Atlassian Jira with it?

Our managers want to scale our agile practices with SAFe in our company. We are heavy users of Atlassian Jira. Can we use Agile Hive in this context? What is it? How will it help?

Agile Hive would be perfect for this task since it is a SAFe solution based on Jira and Confluence. Plus, it can be easily integrated into Jira projects without impacting your existing projects.

Agile Hive provides you with Comprehensive SAFe reports, which lets you see how your teams are performing and what they are working on in real time.

You can see which issues at the Team level are associated with which issues at the Program level, and so on, because of the hierarchical links. You can see how the issues are related and track progress clearly with the hierarchical display.

Agile Hive’s boards visually show dependencies between issues making it easy to see at a glance which issues are potential blockers.

One useful aspect of Agile Hive, is its ability to automatically create Confluence pages - a skeleton in which you can build your SAFe documentation quickly and easily.

Please watch this short video that explains Agile Hive and how it is used:

Learn more at the Agile Hive website