What hosting options do you offer for Atlassian software?

Hi, right now we are hosting our own Jira and our own Confluence sites. Do you offer hosting? Is it safe? Where are the servers? We are in the UK. Thanks.

Yes, we do offer hosting packages for Atlassian software, which can be done two different ways.

  1. On premise - We can provide you with a virtual appliance that is easily imported into your VMWare virtualization solution.

  2. Off premise - We can provide the hosting for you at our datacenter which is located Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

  • Having our datacenter located in Frankfurt means we comply with European data protection laws, which are the most strong data requirements in the world. These apply to all physical, personnel and electronic security measures regarding the servers and data stored on them.

Please do note that our hosting packages include the components for hosting your application, but do not include a warranty or response times if problems occur. If you would like to look into our comprehensive hosting solution including SLA’s, which would include all the necessary components for operating your Atlassian application - you can find information about those packages here. Atlassian Operation Packages