What does an intranet editor / wiki gardener do?

It’s recommended to have at least one person who is assigned the role of an intranet editor / wiki gardener, ideally a group of responsible people. But what are their actual tasks?

Hello Kymberly,

As you know, the wiki gardener is a highly beneficial role to the efficiency and effectiveness of your intranet.

You asked what is this person’s (or group’s) actual tasks?

To answer, I found this great blog post on the subject called: The Wiki Gardener: Tasks and Requirements

It lists tasks as follows

  • provide requirements for a wiki adoption and create a useful application
  • practice systematical monitoring of the new and varied content
  • if applicable, and according to internal wiki policy: integrate contents out of the comments on relevant pages, as long as the content know-how is available
  • delete comments, when the elaborate solution has been taken over in the page content
  • undertake cosmetical tasks, so that the wiki does not grow exuberantly with weeds (typing errors, grammar and spelling, incomprehensible verbalization etc.)
  • repair and insert links in wiki pages
  • catchphrase, tagging and hierarchical integration of pages
  • improve clarity and legibility of pages
  • possibly secure consistant editing of pages
  • create examples for other users, how the wiki can be used

Happy gardening!