What do you mean by intranet personalization with Linchpin?

I get what customize means, but I don’t really understand what you mean when you say Linchpin can be personalized. What do you mean by a personalized intranet?

The Linchpin Intranet Suite offers a lot of customization for individuals. It will look and feel different for each colleague based on their user profile settings. You will receive a personal homepage and news feed based on your language, location, department, interests, etc.

Please watch the Linchpin Intranet Suite features video to see the personalization in action.

Active vs passive personalization

  • Active personalization is when the user can customize their own experience.
  • Passive personalization is when a user’s experience is customized based on their profile and user data.

While the Linchpin Intranet Suite offers both types of personalization, the most powerful personalization is passive. This allows administrators to create unique experiences for each type of user. For example, new employees can see content related to the on-boarding process and common questions for new hires. Another example is based on a user’s location: each office could have a different calendar or news feed to show events, activities or even microblogs that are only relevant to their office.

For more information and a free consultation, visit our page outlining how personalization is an intranet requirement.