What can HR do with a Linchpin Intranet?

What are common use cases for HR in Linchpin Intranets? Where are you strengths in daily use for HR and organizational development? Why should we look at your solution? How do employees benefit from the experience?

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A growing portion of corporate intranets is run by HR. That’s because an intranet can become a significant driver of employee productivity and sustainable help in keeping transparency high throughout the organization.

Main Use Cases for HR within an Intranet

Follow the links to learn more about each use case

Onboarding for new employees with your intranet

Intranet User Profiles

Expert search

People Directory

Overview of internal events including seminars and HR events

Top down news from HR for all employees including push notifications on smartphones

Employee app as a custom mobile app on Apple AppStore and Google Playstore

And more …

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