What are the differences in Visio import on the various draw.io Confluence and Jira integrations?

The diagram editor converts .vsdx files in the same way on Cloud, DC and Server instances of Confluence and Jira. Drag and drop your .vsdx file onto the drawing canvas of a new draw.io diagram to convert it.

.vsd, .vdx and .vss import is done using our conversion servers. If you use DC/Server, add the vsdurl=https://convert.diagrams.net/VsdConverter/api/converter option to the draw.io app configuration script first, as these files cannot be converted on the Confluence Server instance itself.

If these diagrams contain EMF format images, they must be converted to PNG images. Set the emf2png=https://convert.diagrams.net/emf2png/convertEMF option in the draw.io app configuration script in Server/DC.

Note the entire diagram file is sent to our servers, which have our usual strict security policies applied.

Fore more general info on draw.io for Confluence or Jira, please refer to our draw.io webpage.

And some great blogposts! Blog - draw.io

Do we have to use an external source for conversion or could this be on our own hosted servers? We are using Jira server.

You can load the .vsd file into a recent Visio version and re-save as .vsdx. Server can read the XML format used since 2013, just not the legacy binary format.