What are the benefits for our Confluence instance if we use Linchpin User Profiles?

We are using Confluence with over 2000 users. I was looking at your plugin Linchpin User Profiles. Can you explain the benefits of it to me? What exactly does it contribute to our Confluence?

Linchpin User Profiles for Atlassian Confluence

User profiles can be very beneficial to your team, especially with one of your size. These profiles offer a customizable way for your users to share a bit about themselves and also to connect with other users. It also helps new users to become familiar with their colleagues. The Linchpin User Profiles have 3 core functions:

  • Create Meaningful Profiles
  • Customize Profiles
  • Connect via LDAP

These functions offer a wide range of advantages to your employees, these advantages include:

  • Their profile lets others know how to contact them.
  • Their intranet profile lets others know what their strengths are.
  • Their intranet profile gives an insight into who they are as a person and not just an avatar. Allows for extended user profiles.
  • Their intranet profile allows other users to find them more easily through a filtered list and extended user search.