What are the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing First-Level IT Support?

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Our company is growing in size and we are looking to outsource First-Level IT support, but we’ve heard mixed opinions when it comes to doing so… What are some advantages and disadvantages to outsourcing First-Level Support?

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There are many advantages when it comes to outsourcing First-Level IT support, but we also understand the hesitation that may exist. Outsourcing can sometimes have a negative connotation because there are companies that move their process abroad to other locations since it can be cheaper.

But, in the case of First-Level Support, it is always a good idea to outsource if your company has limited resources or capacities. If your IT department is overloaded with requests, it can lead to a backlog and in the worst case, important things may be lead undone. Furthermore, colleagues may not be able to work properly which negatively affects motivation and overall productivity.

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