What are global features from Space Privacy and which of them are secured?

What are global features and which of them are secured?

Global features are UI components or technical interfaces, that are not restricted to a single space. The Space Privacy app ensures that users can see only those users who have at least one extranet space in common. Users in an administrative role (Confluence administrator, extranet administrator or extranet user administrators) always see every user in the system, as this is necessary to perform their roles.

At the moment, the following features and interfaces are secured:

  • User profiles
  • Global search
  • Search bar (quick search)
  • People directory -/browsepeople.action
  • User search in search filters (contributor, creator, network/contacts)
  • Macros: Livesearch, User List, User Profile, Content by User
  • Personal spaces (this should be covered by content permissions, but in case of a faulty configuration, we intervene)
  • Activity Stream/Recently Updated/All Updates