We're an agile organization working with Scrum and SAFe. Aren't checklists a thing of the past?

I hear you talk about your checklist app a lot. How can that be relevant for agile companies or those who strive to instill business agility into their organization?

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Checklists work in a complicated world like a charm. You have to make sure to decipher between complex and complicated. If you’re dealing with routine tasks and processes where you do know what “high quality” means and how to solve a problem in a repeatable manner then checklists really rock.

And yes, agile organizations face such complicated problems all the time as well. They need to create invoices. They need to do bookkeeping. They need to do administrative work. The onboard employees. They onboard new customers. They do marketing with customers. They do content marketing. The list goes on …

It’s not really a question if you’re agile or not. It’s rather: Does your organization have the courage and willpower to establish and adhere to checklists where they can shine.

By the way: Our checklists app for Jira and Confluence helps with establishing and running work with checks and checklist tasks.