We need our employees to access a Linchpin intranet without a computer - how does this work?

So, we are looking into using your Linchpin suite. It looks great. We have hundreds of employees that use a computer of course, but some don’t. That’s workers in the production area, cleaning crews, etc. Sometimes we need to inform them as well (e.g. Christmas party or major changes in the company). Is there a way with Linchpin where we can show them what’s going on in the company?

For users without computers //SEIBERT/MEDIA offers Linchpin Touch. Using large touchscreens in breakrooms, employees can interact with your Linchpin intranet like they would with their smartphone or tablet. Each touchscreen provides employees access to same information that is available for computer users, so the non-computer users are also getting the most up-to-date information. Content can be configured and personalized for each touchscreen so you can share as much or as little information as you want. Parties or job opportunities can be limited to certain locations, such as the cafeteria, while major company news can show up on every touch screen.

For more information, please visit our Linchpin Touch page

//SEIBERT/MEDIA offers a great solution within Linchpin Suite called Linchpin Touch. Using touchscreens throughout your office will allow your employees to engage with your Linchpin intranet without the use of their own computer.

Utilizing Linchpin Touch will operate and display the same way as it would on their own smartphone or computer. You have the ability to either display the same information on each touchscreen or you can personalize each touchscreen throughout the office. The best feature about Linchpin Touch is that your employees have the ability to interact with the screen.

To learn more about Linchpin Touch, please feel free to reach out to our team or visit our Linchpin Touch here.