Transitioning to Scaled Agile

I’ve been asked to do some research on scaled agile framework as we’re outgrowing out scrum. I need to get a feel for the key roles/positions involved in scaled agile, similarities, and differences we’d be looking at. What tools are available to us as a Jira shop?

Appreciate the question…it’s a big step you and your organization are looking at so glad to see you’re doing a lot of footwork and research upfront!

Boiled down to its most basic quick explanation, think of scaled agile (we’re talking specifically Scaled Agile Framework or SAFe®) as the development of solutions that are too large or complex for a single Scrum team to handle.

And while there are many roles for an organization truly running SAFe®, probably one of the most important to become familiar with at the outset is the Release Train Engineer, or RTE.

This article, In Focus: Who Is The Release Train Engineer? gives an overview of SAFe® but then dives in more specifically on this really versatile role you’ll need to know.

Good luck on your journey!