Template Managers get Emails for completed checklists in Atlassian Confluence and Jira

A question from Chris:

Hi how can I automatically have an email sent when a checklist is completed in the checklist for confluence app.

Hi Chris,

you can simply create a template manager in the checklist template. We send email notifications to all checklist template managers for completed checklists.

I have also created a video for you to demo that:

Please also note:

Template manager features

  • Login to our web portal even if you do not have an Atlassian Cloud account.
  • Manage the template from within the portal
  • Get notified via Email if a checklist is completed. A PDF export of the checklist will be attached to the mail, if the attachment is below 25MB.
  • Ability to change the checklist template
  • Ability to add other template managers
  • Ability to add completely new checklists to the account

See our documentation for more info.