SWIFT versus Cloud - do you offer load balancing?

Hi, I was looking at your comparison chart of SWIFT versus Atlassian Cloud in this page: Comparison of SWIFT with Atlassian Cloud formerly OnDemand

Do you offer load balancing (fail over / disaster recovery / 99.99% uptime) for SWIFT solutions?

Hi, I asked our SWIFT team for help on this question and here is their answer for you. Let us know if this answers all your questions please:

We appreciate your interest in our SWIFT products. We offer this as a Software as a Service with a predefined range of services. If you feel you are in need of a more customized service, we recommend our Managed VirtServer:


Load Balancing
The servers have a 1Gbit down-/uplink. All plans
include 30 GB of storage and traffic. Disk storage includes your
database, attachments, plugins, log files, search index, etc., but not
the base OS or any installed software.

cf. https://swift.seibert-media.net/faq#bandwidth + https://swift.seibert-media.net/faq#storage

Disaster Recovery
Yes, daily, but only for paid instances.
Currently, a restore must be requested by email. Backups are permanently
deleted upon instance termination. You can do manual backups of
Confluence instances and download that backup as documented by Atlassian
(downloading the backup file from the administration console is enabled
for SWIFT instances).

cf. https://swift.seibert-media.net/faq#backups

No, we don’t guarantee any availability for this service.
But you can bet that we try very hard and have taken various measures to
make sure SWIFT runs as close to 365/24/7 as possible. Please read our
Terms of Service for all details

cf. https://swift.seibert-media.net/faq#availability

Best regards,
Your SWIFT Team