Repetitive standard Jira can we improve our sprint efficiencies?

Regardless of the time of year and whichever sprint our team is in, there are a number of tasks we use that are standard each and every time. We’d love a way to make this part of the process more efficient and easily repeatable for every member of our team.

Wonderful question, and certain, applicable to many of us.

The “Task Breakdown” part of the process many times utilizes the same types of Jira tasks, which then more than likely require the same subtasks. Issues and subtask templates work quite well within Sprints.

A good overview of the processes, as well as a more detailed explanation of a solution, in this case making use of (formerly Easy Issues and Subtasks) can be found here - “3 Steps To Make Your Sprint Planning Easier In Jira Cloud”.

Give it a look…definitely think it’ll be a big help!