Remove top navigation bar on Confluence Cloud with anonymous access

Is there a fool proof way of removing the top navigation bar on Confluence Cloud with anonymous access?

The image below marked in red is what we want to remove:

It seems that Confluence Cloud removes the ability to edit space custom HTML and there’s no option to remove the top navigation bar because Atlassian’s says it removes the ability for users to log in (which is exactly what we want).

Thanks so much!

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I do not have a solution from the top of my heart. But I’ll ask @Cbork to do some research about this for you. I also know, that my colleague Jan Kuntscher has done some research on theming in Confluence Cloud. This is limited and the freedom for apps is much more limited than in Server or Datacenter.

This would be the category that you should be looking at in the Atlassian Marketplace.

You could try Refined. But they repurpose the whole content in a new website. That’s not exactly, what you asked.

Thanks for that Martin.

Although I haven’t looked into every single plug-in, I may do if no one can come up with a solution.

My gut feeling is that this is not possible generally due to the way that Atlassian have locked things down.

But sometimes a developer can find loopholes and get around things, so I’m being open to that.

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Regards Refined, that would be a plan B or C if we have to resort to it (assuming our mix of plug-ins work with Refined or Scroll Viewport plug-ins).

I got another feedback from my colleague Jan Kuntscher. He said, it’s not possible as of now. #sorry

Ok, thanks. Much appreciated.