Properties Confluence Cloud - better organization of meeting notes in Cloud

My team is having a hard time documenting our meetings in a good and understandable way. We currently use Confluence Cloud for this, but the meeting notes are not very neat and certainly not consistent. Do you have a tool that we can use to write up our meeting docs in a better or more orderly way?

We can well understand that it is not so easy to keep proper documentation of all meetings. With the “Properties” app, however, this should be much easier for you in the future - and the best thing is that you can continue to collect your notes in Confluence Cloud!

With the help of two macros, Property Group and Property Group Report, you can not only record meeting notes neatly and consistently, but also create a clear area about the notes of different meetings.

You can read more about it in the blog article Build A Space for Your Meeting Notes in Confluence Cloud

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