Move glossary to another space: links are broken?

we have to move our glossary from one space to another.
no problem with the page-feature: move.
BUT: after moving we can’t open a glossary entry from the glossary start page (can’t find page - error messsage is displayed).
reason: the link/url contains the old space-name (QM in this case), see screenshot

question: how can we move the glossary to another space but with the correct link / space name?!

Hi, moving the page will create a new URL. You would need to update the link on the other pages.

Remember that you should always use the “tiny link”, (by typing “k” in view mode of a page and copy the link) when you use links in Confluence. That eliminates the breaking of a link.

I hope this helps you with your issue.

Hi and thanks for you input.
Unfortunaly it is not about a page i create by myself.
The glossary is a plugin is from “Spectrum Groupe” (
At first, i thought the glossary is directly from Atlassian, but it’s not. My fault.
I think the better way is to ask the spectrum groupe.
Thanks for your time.

Oh, thanks for your reply. Yes, that would be the best, I am sure they can help you. Still, you are welcome to share the results here for other users in the future :slight_smile: