Migrating MediaWiki to Confluence

We are thinking of migrating our current MediaWiki to Confluence. Which aspects should I consider to do so?

Bear in mind that you have to compromise when migrating your content from MediaWiki to Confluence. Firstly, we need to differentiate between the following elements:
• Text
• Links
• Labels
• MediaWiki functions (fairly similar to Confluence macros)
• Medial content, such as pictures and files for instance
You can reach a high quality while migrating as it is feasible to migrate text and parts of the text formatting and links easily.
The transfer of following elements is very limited: Labels and attachments like pictures and files. Unfortunately, media functions are not able to be migrated at all.
The Universal Wiki Converter (UWC) enables a decent migration. The UWC has to be adapted code-wise to enable a migration. Bear in mind that the UWC is being developed by the community. As a logical consequence, the migrator is not a very stable one. Additionally, dependencies like versions from the source and destination system have to be considered. In this case, we are talking about the versions of MediaWiki and Confluence.
As a first step a content-related check has to be managed.