Linchpin Touch - Change of the default font of Linchpin Touch

Is there a way to change the default font of the Linchpin Touch? And if there is some other design change that we can do to feet next to my company’s branding?

For design changes in Linchpin Touch, there’s a lot that’s possible. But you’ll have to do it via Custom CSS. There’s no user interface for picking fonts, colors etc. But all the elements have their CSS classes, and you can explicitly change the CSS for Touch also, so you should be able to change the font and other things.

We cannot guarantee, though, that another font won’t cause issues (for example if it is much wider than the default font it might make problems by not fitting into its space etc.).

If you are using our Linchpin Theme Plugin, there’s a section for Custom CSS in the configuration. If not, you’ll find a section “Custom HTML” in your Confluence administration, where you can put your CSS.