Linchpin Mobile - what are the advantages of the Linchpin Mobile app over our web solution?

Some time ago we customized the Confluence Mobile app’s HTML interface to use our corporate colors and logo. But the rest of the interface is the standard Confluence app with its limitations. We have added a link to our customized web interface as an app icon to our employees’ mobile phones via our MDM system.

We are currently evaluating Linchpin Mobile. We really like it so far. The project team has asked me what the actual advantages of the Linchpin Mobile app are over our custom web solution. Can you help me?

That is an interesting question. Our teams have already been working on this in our company.

We’ve prepared a detailed comparison of the standard Confluence web interface with Linchpin Mobile. This page should help you a lot.

We have also made a comparison between the actual Confluence Mobile app and the Linchpin Mobile app. These pages should answer most of the questions that you may have.

I’d like to make a few extra points though:

Push notifications directly on your mobile

An app can send push notifications. At the time of this reply, we have implemented push notifications in our Linchpin Mobile app:


Faster login

Linchpin Mobile saves your login so you don’t have to log in each time you open the app, or even if you open the app only occasionally. This is especially important if you work with employees who have little technical knowledge and who are supposed to work easily and independently and don’t want to be constantly confronted with login screens. The one-time secure login process using a QR code is very convenient and has resulted in considerably fewer support requests.

Linchpin Mobile app benefits

You can do much more in your Confluence instance with the Linchpin Mobile app:

  • View, comment on and ‘like’ news articles posted with Linchpin Enterprise News.
  • Read, comment, like and even write microposts. You can filter these posts to find what you are looking for easily.
  • Upload photos from your smartphone.
  • Search for and view user profiles in the intranet (a handy contact list for all of your employees).
  • Search through all Confluence pages, view them, follow links, watch pages, copy their links, comment on and share pages.
  • Access multiple Confluence instances via the one app with Linchpin Mobile.

Plus viewing Confluence content when offline is in active development (currently in the prototype phase).

In summary, Linchpin Mobile offers significant advantages over both the Confluence web interface and over Atlassian’s Confluence app.