Linchpin Mobile contradicts the security architecture

We want to use Linchpin Mobile, but the communication via the // SEIBERT/MEDIA gateway server contradicts our current security architecture. Is there an alternative?

In addition to the cloud version operated by //SEIBERT/MEDIA, we also offer the Linchpin Mobile Gateway as an on-site version, which you can set up in your own IT infrastructure. We as the operator of the Linchpin Mobile Cloud Gateway ensure end-to-end availability and the highest level of security. But we can understand that you want to host such a system by yourself. This gives you full physical control of the system, which is dedicated exclusively to communication between your Confluence or Linchpin system and your employees’ mobile devices. We provide the Linchpin Mobile on-Site Gateway as a Docker container, which can then be deployed in your infrastructure (for example in the DMZ). Further information on the security features of both gateway variants have been compiled for you here. You can look up the pricing here: Linchpin Mobile - Pricing