Linchpin - Microblogging for Confluence - reduce/limit space of comments

Hello, I am trying the Microblogging plugin and I am wondering if there is a way to reduce the space that each comment under a blog post takes? I can see that it is possible to set a max number of pixels for the height of the post itself, which is great, but I would like to have the same for the comment/reply section, as each entry take a lot of space.


I’m sure you mean the spaces I marked in red here:

In the Microblogging for Confluence macro settings you have the possibility to set a limit for the number of replies you want to display. (Please have a look at the attached screenshot)

This is the only way you can save space in the reply section.
After the number of replies is higher than the entered value, you will see “x more replies” in the replies which you can click on to see the rest.

Hope this option helps you achieve what you want.

Great, thank you, that will probably do! That was the space I was referring to. Thanks for your help