Linchpin - is the chat function inside of Linchpin or a link to another service?

Thanks, I am trying to figure out how the private chat function works in the Linchpin profiles? Is it just a link to some other app, or is it done via the user profile? I’m trying to fill out a DPIA about processing the private message data. I’m trying to do a DPIA for Linchpin, seeing all the ‘data processing’ it would do…

I"m trying to work out whether the chat function is inside Linchpin or just a link to another service?

Hi, it is a link to connect with the person in whichever chat app is set up in the configuration. Any chat app that you will use, will be separate. No matter if it is HipChat, Stride, Slack, Skype for Business, Google Chat or an open source alternative. All Linchpin does, is to point to the service and the protocol. We have implementations for XMPP-compatible clients and for Skype for Business build in already. Every link like protocol is also supported.

Please let us know if we can help you any further.