Linchpin - does Linchpin's design reformat for mobile use?

That means without the ‘mobile’ addition it doesn’t work on mobile, only on computers?

Linchpin indeed does ‘work’ on mobile devices since it consists of a variety of Confluence plugins and macros that you can include to any Confluence page. By accessing the Confluence web view via your mobile device’s browser you’ll be able to interact with our Linchpin plugins but not get the best user experience (since Confluence itself is not really optimized for mobile usage via browser).

Linchpin Mobile on the other hand is our native app for iOS and Android making it an ideal solution for the mobile use case. The app offers optimized access to the most important Linchpin intranet components like Corporate News, Microblogging, Contacts and also all of your Confluence pages. If you want to give it a try (evaluation is free!) just visit Linchpin Mobile - Obligation-Free Test.

Please also watch our video about Linchpin’s most important features: