Linchpin - Can we get it for free as users of the Atlassian Community Edition?

We are users of the Atlassian Community Edition. In order to expand knowledge management further towards information management, we would love to also use Linchpin. I had looked at this solution in the past and really liked it. Would the use of it be free for us? If yes, how can we get it?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Yes, Linchpin licenses for you as users of the Attlassian Community Edition are free of charge. You can just go the the Atlassian Marketplace and “purchase” them normally. The price will then set to “zero”.

The app “Linchpin Social Intranet for Confluence” is a collection of all apps that were developed by us and the purchase does not work via that one. This is the link to all apps developed by us.

As we don’t know which ones you would like to use, you could check a detailed price list of the apps and keep clicking from there and install them.

We would recommend these:

The others are good as well but not developed by us. If you need further help, please let us know.

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