License prices going up in October 2017?


I have heard that Atlassian is raising prices for their licenses? Is that server and cloud? Can we lock in the old prices by acting fast?


Hi there,

yes, that’s true. For now Atlassian has announced an about 10% raise of their server products only. Cloud and Data Center prices for licenses stay the same.

You can continue to benefit from the existing license model: Atlassian is allowing existing customers to renew or upgrade their licenses early for their current prices – you can extend your license period by 12, 24 or 36 months or upgrade your licenses for the old prices, if you complete your purchases before 2 October 2017. So you can have your license for up to three years under the existing conditions and enjoy the cost savings. The offer also applies to new customers who license products before 2 October 2017.

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