Lead/prospect tracking and documentation

We use Confluence for just about everything in our small shop…there’s 7 of us. We’re using a combination of spreadsheets and Confluence pages to manage and track our sales prospects. It’s OK but definitely not IDEAL. We can’t afford a traditional CRM and are trying to standardize as much as we can in our Atlassian instance.

Greetings…great question!

It really can be difficult to keep everyone on the same page (see what I did there) with this type of project. And yes, there are a wide variety of CRM’s out there that can do exactly what you need, but as you correctly stated, it can be $$ (€€ for our European friends).

Good news for you and your team is with the size of your shop, you are able to install the Properties - Custom fields, Metadata, Databases & Reports for free and use it to create your own CRM right within Confluence!

You can embed the Property Group you create with the fields you feel are necessary, define fields as you need them with single and multiselect responses to ensure your data is consistent, and then build a custom report for everyone to have access to.

You can read more about it here: Document Your Leads in Confluence Cloud from the First Contact

Good luck and enjoy!