Jira templates for social media campaigns

A large part of my job is setting up social media campaigns and I’ve noticed that I always have to create the same structure of tasks and subtasks in Jira for every new campaign. Doing this manually takes a lot of time. Is there a way to do this with templates in Jira?

Hi there!
We know it can be time-consuming to have to create the same collection of Jira issues over and over again. Time that could have been spent on more creative or money-making activities.

If you would like to stop wasting time and create templates that can even prompt you to fill in variables like the name of the campaign and who the tasks should be assigned to, please take a look at this blog article: Templating.App – Standard Approach to Creating (Social) Media with Templates in Jira; here, you’ll find out how Templating.app can easily help you set this up.