Jira - No email notification is received when status changes


when the status of an issue is being changed, not notification email is being received. Any idea, why?


first of all, please read about the notification schemes in Jira. That could be important in this case.

Some important facts are the following. Email notifications are defined via a notification scheme, that associates particular events with particular email recipients. This notification scheme is assigned to a particular project. The same notification scheme can also be used for multiple projects.

The so called Default Notification Scheme is preset and already associated with all new projects. To change this, you need to have global Jira Admin rights.

In your case, if some users receive email notifications, confirms that a mail server was configured.

Please note:

  • Email notifications will only be sent to people who have permission to view the relevant issue (Browse Projects project permission for the project of that issue).

  • Jira’s default setting is to not notify users of their own changes. This can be changed on a per user basis via their profile preferences. To do so, go to your profile picture and then click on “Profile” and change in “Preferences” under “My Changes” the setting to “Notify me” (please see screenshot).

In your case, who has been changing the status of the issue? Could it have been the Reporter of the issue?