Jira - Modifying multiple (bulk) issues in the issue navigator?

How can you modify in bulk issues in the issue navigator? Like closing issues or comment them?

In the Issue Navigator, click on “Tools” in the top right of the screen, and you will see “Bulk Change”. Depending on the number of issues in the search results you will see a link, for example “all 25 Issues”.


Click on this to see the Bulk Operation screen. You can edit multiple issues from this screen.

Select the issues that you want to change. Then click on “Next”.

Select what you want to do with the issues. For example, when you select “Edit Issues” and click on “Next”,
You can now review all of the changes you made in this confirmation screen.

The options are:

  • Edit issues
  • Move issues
  • Transition issues (in the workflow)
  • Delete issues
  • Watch issues
  • Stop watching issues

Click yourself through the following screens and you will see a screen that will indicate when the Bulk Operation is complete. Click on “Acknowledge” to return to the Issue Navigator.

Please watch the following videos from our Video Tutorial Series “Learn Atlassian Jira”:

Here in Atlassian’s original documentation, you will find more about this subject.