Jira - How can I quickly find issues in Jira?

Hi, being new to Jira, I find the JQL-search very complex. Is there a trick to search quickly for issues, e.g. that I created myself or if I know in which project they are?

You can find the quick search field at the right-hand end of the menu.


When you need to quickly search for an issue, but can’t remember where it was, but you do remember it was assigned to you, the quick search is perfect. Type “My” then “Enter”, and you will immediately see all issues that were or are assigned to you. If you remember the project key and issue number, simply type these into the quick search and press “Enter”, and you will be taken directly to the issue.

Take advantage of this quick search to make intelligent searches with ease. If you are searching for an issue within the Marketing project, that is about the videos, type the project key “MAR” and “video” and press “Enter”.

You’ll see a list of issues which include the word “Video” within the Marketing project.

You can also search for any word, and the search results will list issues where the word is found in the issue details, description or comments.

Please watch our Video #27 of the Video Tutorial Series “Learn Atlassian Jira” andsee this page of Atlassian’s original documentation for more details on the quick search function.