JIRA - How can I convince our management of the importance and advatages of Atlassian JIRA?

Hello. I want to gather some info to prepare a presentation for our CEO and
other management leaders. They do not know Atlassian JIRA yet and are
not familiar with its concepts and the value one can get from using the
software in a company. Can you help me find some first guiding points to look at? Thanks.

Sure, I think we can get that done!

This may be a first start: Atlassian Jira – Consulting, Hosting, Workshops, Training, Licenses and Free Help

Here is a long and detailed documentation with all sorts of info: Jira Documentation | Atlassian Support | Atlassian Documentation

This could help: Jira

This is a list of arguments and advantages of JIRA: Central Task Management

Hope this is what you are looking for?!