Jira - difference between epics, stories and tasks

Hi there. Could you please explain me the difference between epics, stories and tasks in Jira?
Thank you in advance.

I will explain this using the same wording as Atlassian.

An epic captures a large body of work. It is essentially a large user story that can be broken down into a number of smaller stories. It may take several sprints to complete an epic. More info.

A story or user story is a software system requirement that is expressed in a few short sentences, ideally using non-technical language. More info.

A task is a unit of work contained within a story. More info.

If your epic would be: As a user I want to see a comments section at the bottom of the website. Your stories would be: 1. As a user I want to read existent comments. 2. As a user I want to leave own comments. And finally your tasks would be: 1. Create a textbox for comments. 2. Create a database for the comments and user data. 3. Integrate a button for saving comments.

I hope this answers your question. If you have further questions, just let us know.

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