Jira Cloud - what is the easiest and clearest way to display project status?

I am a project manager for a digitization agency and manage several projects in parallel.
We use Jira Cloud with Epics for the individual projects. In addition to the “classic” status, which is more Kanban-style, each Epic primarily records the current status, i.e. whether the project is running at all.
However, I’m missing a simple project management tool for the overview of my projects, which everyone really knows: the classic project traffic light.
Can you help me to find a solution IN Jira that can remedy this? I haven’t found a nice solution yet that maps what I need (and somehow this is a standard use case, at least from my world).
Looking forward for any help!

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Hi Kristjan!

Thanks for your question. It is indeed the case that in Jira, this functionality is not given by default. The remedy is our app “Awesome Custom Fields for Jira”: We offer an easy-to-configure, fully integrated with JQL and good-looking Custom Field, which solves exactly this problem.
The app is free, and you can install and test it quickly.
Besides the simple traffic light with the three statuses “red, orange & green” you can also add custom status descriptions. These are then displayed in the issue directly next to the traffic light status lights. Precise, quick to understand, and easy to use.

And one more thing: the app is suitable for many more use cases: Check out our documentation to learn more.

I would be happy to get feedback from you!

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For a quick preview of the app and what it’s capable of, have a look at our video: