Jira Cloud - Prioritize issues using WSJF

I would like to prioritize the issues in our Jira Cloud project according to WSJF. I already tried to do this with a calculated Custom Field. Still, unfortunately, I didn’t get a result in meaningful way. In addition, the view of a Number field in Jira could be more sociable and well-visible.
I have now defined the Number of fields per WSJF metric and populated them in the Create mask of the ticket. How can I calculate the WSJF value and then display it in the ticket? That would help me a lot!


WSJF is an excellent choice to prioritize your problems. There are several ways to accomplish what you have in mind.

The easiest and least cumbersome way would be to use our free app, Awesome Custom Fields for Jira. We recently added a feature that allows you to quickly calculate WSJF values. There are two options:

  1. Automatically calculate the WSJF value of a ticket based on fields in your project (all fields that output a number as a value are available)
  2. Enter all the required values for the WSJF calculation directly in the fields UI (see attached screenshot).

You can install the app for free and try the WSJF field. For more details, see the documentation: Awesome Custom Fields for Jira.

Feel free to contact us via Calendly - Atlassian Cloud Apps if you have any further questions!