Jira Cloud - need a contact in my Jira Issue

We have a project manager in our Jira projects by default. In addition, there are different contact persons for different questions and situations in the project. For each person involved in the project, we would like it to be possible to see how I can reach the person responsible for the issue directly in the issue.
It would be easiest if we could store a phone number that could be called directly from the ticket.
Is there a way in Jira Cloud to store a phone number in the issue?

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We implemented our validated phone field in our Awesome Custom Fields for Jira app for this use case. This field type allows you to store any validated phone number, which the browser will recognize. This helps quick calling via the browser if, for example, a phone system is connected.
The configuration is done via a simple input, and the validation and the linking are done independently.
You can also choose whether you want to display a corresponding country code in the form of a flag to clarify what kind of number is stored there.

Especially in combination with our field type, Multi-User Select, you can map several use cases for easy assignment and accessibility of projects, issues, etc.
Please let us know what you think about the field types and what you are currently missing in Jira so that everyone in the company likes to use the product intensively.