Jira Cloud - Estimation / Prioritization Options

In order to successfully fill sprints with the appropriate tickets in software development, we need a reliable and simple way to estimate effort.
I know for example the Story Point Method, the Shirt Estimation and also something like WSJF (which is a bit more complex).
Unfortunately I don’t see many possibilities in Jira to add this information to an issue in an appealing and fast way.
Do you know of any ways that Jira can fill this gap?

Looking forward to an answer.

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Hi there!
I hope you get my answer quickly.

Short answer: Look in the Atlassian Marketplace for so-called Custom Field Apps - there are quite a few.
My recommendation: Awesome Custom Fields for Jira Cloud - with this, you can quickly and easily add lovely field types that will cover your needs and more use cases.

The long answer
Jira itself doesn’t offer many options to enhance an issue visually. The software focuses mainly on a consistent, simple design and layout.
However, to break out of this pattern, Atlassian offers the possibility to add so-called custom fields. Jira itself offers some standard field types, which you can read in their documentation: Adding custom fields | Administering Jira applications Data Center and Server 9.6 | Atlassian Documentation.

To pick up on your concrete ideas for estimating (and thus somehow prioritizing) tickets:
With the help of third-party apps, you can extend your tickets in a much more comprehensive way and sometimes embellish them considerably.
For example, with our custom field app, we offer the possibility to quickly and easily integrate different estimation methods such as T-shirt size, story points, and soon also WSJF and, above all, to display them appealingly. Check it out, and the app is free and super easy to use.

I’m looking forward to your feedback!

For a quick preview of the app and what it’s capable of, have a look at our video: